The most classic part of a Bulgarian wedding is the groom’s arrival, a part of the Bulgarian tradition. Throughout this ceremony, the groom’s family and friends will sing songs towards the newlyweds, as well as throw a red and white flag to keep nasty spirits from couple’s residence. Afterward, the newlyweds will stand with the backs to each other, and the kum will you can put ritual loaf of bread over all their heads. Some couples wish to face the other person during this practice, as well. Regardless, the few should spend special attention to this kind of first assembly, as it bulgarian women dating can be the two emotional and matter-of-fact. bulgarian women Another tradition that stems from historical Bulgarian weddings is the «getting the bride» ritual. With this ritual, the groom can come to the bride’s home with the bride’s trousseau

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The groom’s arrival can be followed by the marriage party. The wedding formal procedure is often preceded by a wedding party. Through the wedding, the groom should go to the home of his «kumove, » which can be the bride’s «best man» and «maid of pay tribute to in european traditions. The groom will deliver his «kum» a conventional wood carved bottle of rakia as being a wedding present.

The engagement is also the time intended for families and friends to talk about the wedding details. The couple can make the time, number of guests, and gift items. Traditionally, the engagement period lasts from around one week to three years. Historically, the marriage season in Getaway took place during winter and fall. The reason is , agriculture was the main source of income for the Bulgarian people.

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